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IF the government acted within the law, and didn’t whitewash murder & other crimes and held itself accountable,

IF it didn’t lie to the people who elected it by denying existence of video footage that clearly shows the murder of innocent people,

IF it didn’t lie about torture (claiming it does not condone it, whilst secretly paying private security companies to avoid liability),

IF the members of congress weren’t bankrolled by corporations to benefit their own interests rather than the people,

IF senators & congressman weren’t paid by lobbyists and then given executive positions when they leave politics,

IF the government weren’t secretly provoking other countries to meddle in their affairs,

IF  politicians and bankers were held accountable to US if not international law for their actions,


……..then maybe there would be no need for whistleblowers.


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Calumny as a Measure of Validity

calumny [ˈkæləmnɪ]
 pl -nies

1. the malicious utterance of false charges or misrepresentation; slander; defamation
 such a false charge or misrepresentation
[from Latin calumnia deception, slander]

Like Talk Radio, one of the purposes of Opinion pieces is to stimulate discussion or more often to incite responses. The freedom to add or connect information which may not have sufficient evidence to warrant “hard” news coverage is a key value found in opinion columns.
When the author must sort to name calling,  distortion or incomplete facts to make a point, one must question whether there is any factual basis for the comment.  Since fact checking is a long process, a quick method of judging the validity of a comment and a commenter is the use of calumny, vitriol, epithets or slander.
A recent Washington Post editorial demonstrates this ( The editor recommends that all (presumably legal) means be used to punish both Julian Assange and anyone who attempts to help him.  To justify this position, however, the author uses calumny including the following:

small-time  autocrat
smell a political opportunity
chief Yanqui-baiter, friend-to-rogues
sycophantic interview
state propaganda outlet
wallow in anti-American slanders and paranoia
hacker, fantasy

Whether an author is “an entertainer”, ignorant of the facts or simply wants to persuade the audience to their way of thinking contrary to the facts, calumny quickly separates those who rely on fact versus truthiness.


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