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I’m Joining The WAR on TERROR

As an “east coast liberal” and avowed brie and arugula eater, I have regularly scoffed at the war on terror programs as producing more personal and monetary harm than good.   Recently, however, I have made am almost total reversal.  What I identified was the actual terror we are facing every day.

This new terrorism has been highlighted for years in mainstream and alternative news media but mislabeled with names other than terror.  Each day I awaken wondering “what attacks against us have taken place or are underway today.  Each day seems to bring new beachfronts threatening to destroy or at least severely disrupt my security.  The security for daily and future life which our government, laws and institutions are supposed to provide.  Here’s my list of recent threats.

My family’s health:  Terrorists are eroding my protection from environmental contamination of air, water and food safety.  Even if these threats don’t get me, the terrorists are attacking my access to medical care, particularly medical care for my wife, 2 daughters and 2 grand daughters.  The terrorists use every available science and technology in their attack plans although they are also promoting a disregard for science, planting doubt about any science which does not support their goals.  This affects me indirectly when neighbors stop vaccinating against diseases or vote to ban products based on fear and ignorance.

My financial security:  Terrorists have attacked the security of my assets.  Being retired, I depend upon the policing of the financial industry.  The attack that caused the recent collapse of the home ownership industry depressed worldwide economy and caused huge unemployment.  Attacks against financial regulation threaten my financial security.  These terrorist threats against public school education threatens my many grandchildren.  My local city, county and state economy is also under terrorist attacks which cut federal funding.  Undocumented immigrants make up 25% of the consumers who buy daily goods like food, gas and clothing from local businesses.  Terrorist attacks against them threatens our local economy.

Voting integrity:  Terrorists have destroyed the democracy where my vote along with every other citizen’s vote is represented equally.  They have targeted groups who do not agree with their terrorist plans and created roadblocks to prevent them from voting.  Where these resistance voters are not easily targeted as a group, they have planted booby-traps of fake news and double-speak to confuse and delay voting.

Terrorists have even come after my local neighborhood safety.  They have flooded communities and law enforcement with deadly weapons, and fear mongering fake news to increase animosities.  Their threats and attacks on undocumented residents have pushed crime reporting underground where it is hard to detect.  Terrorists have even infiltrated control of the internet, preventing strong encryption protection of my information, transactions and privacy.  They are even encouraging corporations to limit my freedom to access information.

It is now clear to me that the people who are behind these attacks must be the focus of our war on terror.  They are the ones who attack my way of life daily.  They are not Russian, Muslim, black, North Korean or Hispanic.  They are the source of fear for myself and my family and they are hiding amongst us.  As we are continually told:  If you see something, say something.

When I see one of these terrorists, I’ll now shout “TERRORIST – HELP”.


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