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The GOP War on Americans

Sadly, the majority of people in most nations will accept their governments meddling in other countries.  When people find their government meddling in their own backyard, it gets immediate resistance.  “Unite and Conquer” seems to be the strategy of the this administration by stacking all three branches of government against the people.

There is a civil war beginning in America.  The GOP led by the Trump administration is mounting an all out attack on the desires of the majority of Americans.  This majority support equal rights, abortion choice, immigration reform, ban on torture & rendition, criminal justice reform, prison reform, voter rights, alternative energy & reversing climate change, freedom of the press and government transparency.

This makes the GOP public enemy #1.  No external threat is even noteworthy compared to this assault on our daily way of life.  Terrorism from outside the US is manifestly non-existent.


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