Might over Right

Management theory as well as history teach that behavior flows down. The practices of leaders serves as the guidance for those being led. Ethical behavior or the uniform rule of law breed ethical and lawful actions by those influenced. Corruption breeds corruption throughout an organization, community or government. Like all conditions, it takes less effort to deteriorate than to build. A large and very consistent practice of ethical lawful behavior from the top down is required to foster uniform ethical lawful behavior throughout an organization. Only minor unethical or unlawful behavior at the top is quickly copied throughout an organization. It is true of behavior as much as it is true of corrosion, house cleaning, car repair, language and leaks.

When the highest government officials, and branches begin to operate by different rules, it is evident to individuals throughout the system. This corruption is quickly seen as a shifting in the de-facto rules of governance and most importantly, that variation from established rules may be condoned. as the rule of law breaks down, might or power sets the new rules. disintegration of uniform rules allows factions, mafias, gangs or warlords to set arbitrary rules and enforcement. The rules of the powerful naturally are enforced to benefit the powerful. Current extreme example litter the Middle East and Africa, often encouraged by those economic powers which benefit from the local despotic control.

Federal and international unlawful behavior by government and its contractors and other beneficiaries has risen steadily over the past two decades. Torture, rendition, assassination, selective habeas corpus, attorney client privilege, lying to congress, and 4th amendment violations against citizens as well as others are some of the more aggregators offenses by our government and its contractors. Our judiciary and legislators are working to make these actions legal and to reward business for conformance. Minority rights cannot be protected when corporations are granted the same rights as individuals and even individual power is unfettered. Might becomes right!

The unashamed new world order: “Money makes the world go round”. Finance and its banking structure serve those who maximize cash flow. The defense industries provide this plus profit, might and global destabilization. Telecommunications/Internet industries provide cash flow and the means of global surveillance, the second key to power. Business and the people involved further down the economic supply chain have power and the accompanying privilege of their value to the system on their combination of cash flow, information access and military strength. Of course the entire structure requires the mass of workers and consumers at multiple levels to sustain the matereal which flows power to the top. Maintaining political ignorance at the same time as technical competence is a delicate boundary which like all interfaces, has high energy and significant conflict.

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