Private? Citizens

The term “Private Citizen” means one’s private information should not be available to other citizens whether public official, enforcement officer or other governmental position/contractor unless individually authorized by our previously established rule of law.  Holding “Public Office” means that one’s information, particularly regarding any official actions, should be available to “The Public”.  Transparency is the key in the actions of “Public Servants”.  All data collected by the NSA on the activities of elected representatives should be available to and searchable by their constituents.  Data availability should not be a “one way street”.

It appears that we currently have the contrary situation in which the data of private citizens is available to a wide array of elected/appointed officials and contractors while that of public officials is available to the public  only at the whim of that official with little regard for the truthfulness of the information provided.  In fact it appears that for a good part of government there is no accountability to constituents or the greater public.  Even more dystopian is the apparent impunity conferred on government officials and their contractors as demonstrated most recently by the admission of Mr. Clapper of lying to Congress, illegal surveillance, extra-judicial rendition and torture to list a few of the more egregious.

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