Terror without the T

“Terrorism refers to criminal or illegal acts of violence at randomly chosen targets, in an effort to raise fear. It is practiced by extremist groups with a limited political base or parties on the weaker side in asymmetric warfare. Terror, on the other hand, is practiced by governments and law enforcement officials, usually within the legal framework of the state.” (Wikipedia)

pitchinteractive shows 366 CIA drone attacks in Pakistan killing 47 high profile terrorists. If only 1 Hellfire missile was used in each attack at $68,000 each, this would be a cost of 1/2 million dollars per terrorist or about 100 years of a high salary in Pakistan. (This doesn’t include the cost of the Drones or the people who fly and service them so a better number is likely double.)  To get each key terrorists, however, we also killed 4 children and 11 other civilians and wounded many more.

The bulk of those killed, however, are bystanders considered to be “bad guys” by virtue of having been male and within the kill zone during the attack and with no one to make a claim to the press that they were innocent.

Including these men who cannot be proven to be civilians the cost per kill drops to only $10,000 per person or about 4 years average salary. So we kill 3 possibly bad or at least unknown men for each child or civilian killed.

Whether this is Terror or Terrorism , one million dollars and 15 or more civilians dead per each doesn’t seem an economical way to assassinate a high profile terrorist.

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