During this political season, there have been incendiary comparisons of candidates to the people and actions of Nazi Germany.  This has been primarily a means of expressing the complete rejection of a perceived course of action supported by those accused.  While I share many of the sentiments of revulsion and suggested changes in our course, equating actions with those of the Third Reich is not accurate in degree or intent.

The comparable example is that of England negotiating with the Third Reich prior to the declaration of war.  Chamberlain was a conciliator and a Hitler apologist.  Today’s American media are playing this role for the GOP.  Presenting double-speak and clearly destructive plans as proposals worthy of equal presentation and debate is equivalent to Chamberlain’s denial of the clear wrongs and dangers of the Third Reich.

Further deregulation of banking, finance and industry while dismantling social and environmental protections is not a valid alternative worthy of debate.  It is the destruction of the precepts of the bill of rights, the constitution and the American way of life.  The GOP platform and the hate and demagoguery spouted by Republican officials should be the key news.  Romney’s pandering to his audience-of-the-day with wild swings in position should be highlighted by the media for the dishonesty they demonstrate, not debated as possibly sincere misunderstandings or changes in position.

It can be no surprise that ABC (owned by $100 billion Disney), NBC (owned by $100 billion Comcast and $600 billion GE), CBS (owned by $60 billion Viacom) and FOX owned by Murdoch’s $60 billion News Corp.) find the business centric GOP platform to be worthy of serious consideration.  The conformity of PBS to this presentation style while being the next “head on the block” is perhaps the most Chamberlain-like performance, driven by fear of their potential pay-masters and the desire to be like their better funded private colleagues.

Who will tell us plainly:  The would-be kings have no clothes, but they do have knives.

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