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No Rules for Rulers

“The United States government, under two opposed increasingly indistinguishable political parties, asserts the right to kill anyone on the face of the earth in the name of the War on Terror. It asserts the right todetain anyone on the face of the earth in the name of the War on Terror, and to do so based on undisclosed facts applied to undisclosed standards in undisclosed locations under undisclosed conditions for however long it wants, all without judicial review. It asserts the right to be free of lawsuits or other judicial proceedings that might reveal its secrets in the War on Terror. It asserts that the people it kills in drone strikes are either probably enemy combatants in the War on Terror or acceptable collateral damage. It asserts that increasing surveillance of Americans, increasing interception of Americans’ communications, and increasingly intrusive security measuresare all required by the War on Terror.”


– Ken at  “How I Convicted A Man For Helping Terrorists Who Now Aren’t Terrorists”


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A “Whistleblower” reveals improper actions by civilian society to government.  They are lauded and protected by both.

A “Leaker” reveals improper actions by government to civilian society. They are vilified and persecuted by governments.

It all dependsupon what your definition of “Is” is.

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