The Hype Cloud Hype

Reading new business advice sites such as the excellent FastCompany, I’m struck by how much attention is placed on techniques to improve appearance and obtain exposure.  I’ve seen this for years in the venture community where emphasis is placed on differention over product value to the customer.

Every product and service today has an enormous number of competitors, each of which must either grow or die.  Luckily for them, our media culture has trained consumers to pay attention to the branding message rather than to the quality of the end product.  Branding science continues to produce new “shiny objects” to grab out attention.  Low costs allow us to sustain a disposable product culture and continue the cycle of consumerism.

While this consumer cycle has been the source of developing sustainable economies around the world, it is leading consumers to ignore the true value of not only products, but also of policies and leaders.  Children are asked “which one do you like?”, not “which one is the best?”.  Over the years, the absence of anyone teaching the judging of quality and discerning of facts from claims, leads to a populous ignorant of the difference.

The value of facts doesn’t depend upon being “shiny” or “loud” or optimized for google.  Facts are value.


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